Important lessons for a new Daddy

Important lessons for a new Daddy

Welcome to the amazing world of fatherhood, where an exciting journey full of enriching experiences

awaits you! We understand how overwhelming and intimidating your first steps into these unchartered

waters may seem & hope that the following points will help you with your preparations:

Teamwork is the way to go

Teamwork, in the years to follow, is going to be your strongest suit; but in the initial parenting phase, will

save you a lot of conflict. Caring for an infant is quite a formidable task and assisting your partner with

both household chores as well the baby, will be greatly appreciated. It may seem daunting at first, but

once you get the hang of it, two sets of hands will definitely be better than one.

Patience, truly is a virtue

Up until now, you’ve probably lived your life in a state of constant urgency, expecting things to happen at

the snap of your fingers! But what do you do when you’re little one is screaming their head off for no

apparent reason or constantly waking up in the middle of the night? In times like these, it is only your

dedication and an infinite amount of patience that will be your pillars of strength.

Staying calm & stress-free

Parenting is fraught with many unforeseen situations that can seem totally beyond your control. Added

to that, are stressful situations pertaining to your work, your finances or even the newly-changed

dynamics of your relationship with your partner. Understand that you are not expected to be in control of

every situation, every time. Figure out a way to handle the stress, in a way that works for you best. You

could take short reviving breaks periodically or go for a brisk walk alone; try and take a quick reviving nap

to combat sleep deprivation or even practise meditation to calm your mind.

Spending quality time with your better half

Oftentimes new parents, have a tendency to shift their complete and utter focus to their new baby.

While this is an admirable thing, it can seriously affect your relationship with your partner. Actively take

time out in a day for some quiet time with your spouse in order to help re-build intimacy, strengthen your

bond and ensure effective communication. This will also successfully provide a harmonious and nurturing

environment for your baby.

Focus on the big picture

Becoming a Daddy is going to seriously cut into your time. There might be a lot of things you may not find

the time to do anymore- Things that were almost routine to you. You will also begin to realise how much

time you had before and how very little time you have now! Prioritise. Ascertain activities that are really

important & consciously cut-out the irrelevant ones. Your time has just become incredibly precious-spend

it wisely. Always remember to focus on the big picture and don’t let little things bog you down.

Do not forget to celebrate

Above all, while fatherhood can seem frightening and exhausting- it will also be truly joyous and

rewarding. Don’t forget to celebrate the little things that make up this amazing journey. That first smile,

first step or first word, will make all the minor hardships totally worthwhile.

Happy Parenting!

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