Parvathi Prime

Introducing Parvathi Prime

Enjoy giving birth, in the lap of luxury.

The sumptuous comfort and opulence of the Elite Suite will ensure that you have the most pampered stay at Parvathi Hospital. With wide open spaces characterised by a separate living area & a cheerful decor, the Elite is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to enjoy the arrival of your bundle of joy. High end furniture, a library, a personalised dining area & all the possible appliances you’ll need to make you feel at home; the Elite is an experience in itself!


Warm vibrant colours greet you as you enter the Deluxe rooms at Parvathi Prime. A luscious and inviting sofa welcomes you in these cheery rooms that are equipped with an oven, a refrigerator & a built-in DVD system. Also including is a lovely mother and baby kit; our contribution to your remarkable event!


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