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Fetal Medicine

Fetal medicine has emerged as a prominent area of medicine that focuses on the unborn child. Fetal medicine is a newer and rapidly evolving specialty. As our understanding of the fetal environment and physiology has improved, the foetus is increasingly regarded as an independent individual despite being contained within the mother's womb. Prenatal screening and diagnosis are becoming more sophisticated, thanks to advances in knowledge and technology that have improved our ability to detect problems before birth and provide therapeutic interventions where possible, allowing an increasing number of at-risk couples to have unaffected children.
The team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists at Parvathi Hospitals monitors the health of both mother and child throughout the pregnancy to detect complications early, and intervene at the appropriate time, using diagnostic ultrasound, visibility scan, NT scan, diagnosis, counselling, and management of multiple pregnancies.
The department now offers prenatal screening to all pregnant women. It provides additional care to mothers who have had foetal abnormalities in previous pregnancies and those who are pregnant with a problem right now.
Pregnant women and their babies receive specialized care from Parvathi fetal medicine doctor. Years of specialized training in the assessment and management of high-risk pregnancies are given to the specialists. This additional training enables providers to care for women who have issues that are deemed to pose a high risk to the mother or child, such as, but not limited to:
Kidney or heart disease
High blood pressure
Diabetes during pregnancy
Pregnancy with multiple births
Disorders of seizure
Blood clotting issues
Advanced maternal age
Preeclampsia (toxemia)
Diseases caused by viruses
Recurrent miscarriage
Unusual foetal growth
Your dedicated maternal-fetal medicine specialist will have you come in regularly to monitor you and your growing baby and will administer any necessary treatments.

Services We Offer

Early pregnancy scans
First trimester NT/ NB scans
First-trimester combined screening
Anomaly scans (Level II)
Cervical screening with uterine artery Doppler
Fetal echocardiography
Fetal wellbeing scans
Multiple pregnancy scans
Invasive prenatal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
CVS (Chorionic Villous Sampling)
Fetal blood sampling
Fetal reduction
Intrauterine transfusion
Shunt procedures


We also perform the invasive tests required for prenatal screenings.
Chorionic Villus Sampling is the process of obtaining tissue from the placenta. This study was carried out on 11 - 14 weeks old foetus.
Fetal Blood Sampling is the process of testing the foetal blood, carried out after 20 weeks


Cervical cerclage is a surgical procedure used when the cervix cannot hold a pregnancy inside the womb against gravity.
A stitch keeps the developing baby inside the uterus until 37-38 weeks of pregnancy.
The procedure is commonly used if the mother has a history of second-trimester miscarriages without labor, a damaged cervix or an inherited uterine anomaly.
There are no treatments available for fetal chromosomal abnormalities at the moment. When the condition is known before birth, complete preparations for the arrival of a child with special needs can be made.
Alloimmunization pregnancy, whether caused by the Rh factor or other red blood cell factors, may necessitate intrauterine blood transfusion to the foetus to treat or prevent serious fetal low blood count. When necessary, our MFM specialists can provide this specialized service.
When specialized delivery is required to provide the best care for the expected newborn, these arrangements are made in collaboration with the necessary medical services, such as neonatology, anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, and specialized pediatric surgical services.

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We treat pregnancies with fetal abnormalities using a multidisciplinary approach, and we collaborate with your obstetrician to plan management of pregnancies complicated by maternal disease.

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