Why you should see your doctor before trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy

Why you should see your doctor before trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy

The changed lifestyle and the concept of life made people more career oriented. More and more women are preferring to work than remaining as homemakers. They too want to be earning members and thus to enjoy a certain level of freedom in the life.  When women are becoming more career oriented, the first preference will be to climb new heights in the career. This changed preference will either delay the wedding or pregnancy.

Apart from this, the advanced infertility treatments are also responsible for an increase in the number of late pregnancies. Most of the people will resort to such treatments as the last option and by then they might have crossed 30.

According to many experts, the right age for conceiving for the first time is about 20 to 24 years but it happens very rarely at this time. So, is there any problems or risks related to late pregnancy? Yes. certainly, but in that case, several risks are associated with the young age pregnancy too. However the modern medical science has advanced to contain many of the issues related to late pregnancy. Now, let us see what are common issues related to late pregnancies.

  • Chances of genetic disorders are more common in late pregnancies. The child may be affected by Down’s Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, and other chromosome irregularities. However, screening tests can identify these issues before the delivery.
  • Those who become pregnant after 40 may suffer from high blood pressure, fibroids, and diabetics.
  • Late mothers are at a high risk of developing breast cancer.
  • In most of the cases of late pregnancy, a cesarean surgery may be necessary.
  • Chances of Preeclampsia or very high blood pressure is also more in late mothers.
  • Fetal growth restriction is more common in late pregnancies due to which undernourished babies will be born.

However, there is not much to worry about these issues as long as you have approached a good hospital and a good doctor. Regular consultations are necessary in case of late pregnancies. It is better to consult the doctor while planning pregnancy if you have crossed 35 years. If that did not happen and the pregnancy was unexpected, then you should make it a point to approach a good hospital such as Parvathi Hospital where there are all facilities to conduct the checkups and also highly experienced doctors to take care of your health and your child’s health.

Many of these risks can be avoided by having the proper diet, regular exercises, and medication but all these should be done under the strict supervision of an experienced gynecologist.

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